Terms & Conditions

1. Our URL

WATTLY LIMITED (Reg No. 13075310) is the full and rightful owner of the company’s URL www.digitaldesignnow.com. Wattly Limited is based in 37A, Cathkin Road, Glasgow, G42 9UJ, United Kingdom

2. Products and Services

The services provided on this site fall into two categories: The first of which are self-education materials, such as ebooks, audiobooks and video content, these are intended to be used for personal use and must not be circulated throughout an organisation and used for training purposes. These courses can be followed from beginning to end, or individual lessons can be purchased if a customer requires clarification regarding a particular issue. The second category is the consultancy service; here, our clients can book one-to-one phone calls with experienced consultants to troubleshoot website design issues, have a website designed on their behalf, or work in collaboration with the consultant to build/ improve a site and learn new skills simultaneously.

To access our services and purchase our products, all customers are first required to create an online account. This enables purchases to be linked with the customer name and contact address, particularly an email address, since all products are mailed electronically, and confirmations of consultant phone calls will also be sent to this address.

2.1 Consultancy Services

Whilst the eLearning products are charges per item (displayed on the products page), our consultancy service is charged per hour. Our prices start from £25 per hour. In addition, we operate a charging policy that only charges clients for the time that has been used. Therefore, for a 30-minute phone call, you will be charged £12.50.

Customers should note that payment will be processed as soon as the call is requested. You will be charged if you miss a scheduled appointment.

3. Payments

WATTLY LIMITED uses a secure payment platform to process all transactions. In order to ensure your bank details are handled securely, we only accept payment electronically. Payments can be seen in you bank statement with the displayed billing descriptor WATTLY LTD. Unfortunately, we cannot take payments over the phone or via cheque. We apologise for any inconvenience.

4. Refunds

Due to the digital nature of the products, they cannot be damaged during delivery. We make every effort to describe our products accurately and display sample pages and clips where we feel this clarifies the product's content in a useful way. If you would like to exchange a product that you bought accidentally, you have the right to do so within 7 days of making the purchase. If you feel the product is not fit for purpose or does not meet the expectations associated with its commercial value, you are entitled to a refund for up to 14 days. Exceptions may be made for products bought as gifts around the Christmas period.

You are also protected under the UK government’s Consumer Rights Act (updated for digital products in 2015).

5. Digital Product Delivery

In order to purchase our products, you must first create an account and verify your email address. The email address must be activated and verified since all purchased products will be sent to this address. It is also important that our customers ensure that their email address can receive multimedia files and that the storage space available is sufficient. In some cases, this may create issues for our customers. Issues of this kind will be handled on a case by case basis; please get in touch for further support.

Your orders are expected to be sent immediately, however, in some cases this can take up to 24 hours. We would be appreciative if you would allow this time and check your spam folder before contacting our customer service team.

6. Liability, Copyright and Indemnification

It does not fall under the responsibility of WATTLY LIMITED to reimburse any financial losses felt by the customer as a result of web development projects with us. Our consultants do their best to work quickly and efficiently, but nothing is ever fully predictable, therefore sometimes there may be delays. All work will be agreed before the project commences, and the customer will be required to give written consent for our consultants to make alterations to their website. Our work style is based on a fluid communication stream between the consultant and the client, we aim to form a positive working relationship with you. We encourage on-going feedback as we have found that making alterations during the process is more efficient than making them all at the end.

WATTLY LIMITED is not liable for any legal accusations that arise against the customer as a result of using our products. It is the customer’s responsibility to use our eLearning material responsibly, and for personal use only. WATTLY LIMITED provides guidance concerning the legal obligations of setting up different types of websites. However, it remains the customer's responsibility to check government guidelines for themselves, to ensure that the rules they are following are up to date and relevant in their country.

By using these resources for anything other than personal use, the customer is breaching copyright law. If you wish to replicate our resources, or distribute our tables, figures and images to teach others, it is imperative that you must first request our permission before doing so. Failure to comply may result in legal action being taken against the customer.

By using our products, you agree to protect WATTLY LIMITED if legal action is taken against you as a result of using our products or services. This indemnity clause removes WATTLY LIMITED from legal matters concerning the customer and third parties.

7. Customer Cancellation Policy

The customer has the right to cancel their order, however, since products are shipped digitally and arrive in the customer’s inbox immediately, customer’s will need to contact customer services for this to be arranged. Cancellations and transfers are permitted within a 7-day window, refunds due to a lack of satisfaction with our products are permitted for up to 14 days.

8. Law & Jurisdiction

WATTLY LIMITED is committed to carrying out business within the bounds of the law. Unlawful activities are not permitted, and the company does not take responsibility if the law is broken by a customer that has used our resources in the process of building their unlawful site.

WATTLY LIMITED and the customer agree to resolve all formal disputes in the UK Court of Law and adhere to official judgements.

9. Contact Us

You can get in touch with us via telephone, letter or by using our contact form.

Contact number :- US Toll Free: +1 888 658 2771 or UK Toll Free: +44 808 196 5804

Wattly Limited,
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G42 9UJ,
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