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Throughout this policy, WATTLY LIMITED will frequently be referred to as us/we/the company.

The customer may be referred to as you/the client.

1. Consent Section

Customers should be aware that by accessing this site, they are confirming that they have read and agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy. If you disagree, we thank you for your interest in this site, however we must politely ask you to leave immediately.

2. Company owning URL

WATTLY LIMITED is the lawful owner of the business domain name URL

3. How we collect your data

When you interact with our website, we will collect and store your personal information. We collect your data by asking you to complete details on our website when you register for an account, we will also collect your PC data when you enter our website and will use cookies if the customer has enabled their use on their internet browser. We do not pass on your data to third parties, nor do we receive our customer's personal data from third parties, except in cases that concern law enforcement authorities. We have a security team that deals with third-parties that are trained in detecting fraudulent behaviour.

When you create an account, purchase a product or request a consultancy call, you will be prompted to enter your personal details; these include your full name, date of birth and contact details. When making a payment you will be transferred to a trusted third-party secure payments provider. We secure access to the transaction areas of our website using https encryption technology.

When you visit our website, we will automatically collect information about your device, including your IP address, information about your visit, your browsing history, and how you use the website. This is all normal practice for modern websites since collecting this information helps us to understand how users are navigating around our website.

4. Why we collect your data

Ultimately, we collect user data in order to improve our relationship with our customers, and we only process your data for legitimate reasons. If you have a query about our data collection methods that have not been covered in this Privacy Policy, then please get in touch. We are required to retain proof of purchases and records of communications (via phone and email) by law.

The first reason that we collect and store your personal information is in order to set up an account for you. Without an account you will be unable to purchase our products. If you choose to register with us, with your consent, we will keep this data in our customer database which will enable you to sign in next time. This allows us to keep a record of the products you have purchased and means that the transaction process for future payments will be quicker and easier.

Your email address is vital since we use email as our primary mode of communication. We will send your products and purchase receipts digitally to the email address you provide, along with any reminders, important changes to your account and notifications of promotional discounts. Your account number is linked to your email address, this enables us to identify you and view your important account information when you get in touch with us. This means that we can have on-going enquiries which are traceable to you.

When we collect your personal data, we can build a picture of your interests and online behaviour (only whilst you are on our site), this gives us the opportunity to offer our services to you in a personalised way, and send you marketing information regarding products that may be of interest to you. Based on your purchase history, we will communicate a select number of offers with you, rather than overwhelming you with every new product, or every discounted item in the sale.

We will use your contact information for administrative purposes, for example, to notify you of any significant news relating to our company or important changes to our services, terms & conditions or privacy policy. Monitoring our customer’s data and behaviour on our website can assist us greatly in the identification of fraudulent users that threaten the security of our website and our customers.

We collect your PC data and monitor your browsing habits automatically; this is used to assist us with making user experience improvements to the site. Data collected from customer feedback surveys are used for the same purpose.

5. Your data - Your rights!

The data protection act grants individuals with the right to access, modify, erase their data from a company or government database if it is not fully complete or correct to the best of their knowledge. Customers only these rights if they can prove that their identity matches the details on the account. Customers also have the right to withdraw or remove their data at any time; they are not required by law to give a reason for this.

Requests for corrections, withdrawal or other services should be made in writing to our customer services team via out our online form. If users feel that their data is not being used in a lawful manner, or they feel that they have not been given all the necessary information regarding how their data is intended to be processed, then they have the right to submit a complaint to the data protection authorities. We ask that you first try to resolve the issue with us directly by submitting a complaint to our customer services team; however, it is within your rights to contact the relevant authority yourself.

6. Cookie Policy

A cookie is a small file of letters and numbers that is sent to your computer by a website. Cookies are automatically saved on your computer hard drive by your web browser. The web server receives information collected by the cookies, this anonymised data can be viewed by website owners and, where the customer has consented, can be sent to third-parties.

Cookies allow a website to recognise a user, this enables features such as the ability to retain the contents of your basket for future site visits or keeping you logged in for the duration of your session. They also allow us to determine the number of visitors we get on our site, and the most popular pages that they choose to visit.

We are not responsible for cookies on third-party websites that the customer accesses by clicking on hyperlinks on our site. Customers must read the cookie policy of the site that they are redirected to.

Customers have the right to opt-out of using cookies at any time. This can easily be done by changing the cookie settings on your internet browser. Please be aware that disabling cookies can cause the website to function sub-optimally.

7. Security and Fraud

When we collect your data, it will be securely stored in one of our firewall and password-protected databases. Our staff do not have access to these databases. Customer details will only be available to be viewed by the consultant that has been assigned to your case. Where possible, for instance, when we are collecting analytics data concerning the speed of our website, your data will be anonymised.

We understand that your online safety is important to you and that you entrust your details to be stored with us. Therefore, we place the protection of your personal data at the highest importance. At WATTLY LIMITED we have a security team, their main responsibility is for the management of your data, ensuring that our security systems are not breached, and fraudulent behaviour is detected and dealt with effectively.

We will never disclose your data to third parties unless we have asked for your consent. We only collaborate with reputable organisations and ask to read their privacy policies and fully understand their intentions before sharing our customer’s data with them. The only circumstance in which we will disclose personal information without permission is when we are asked to comply with the request of law enforcement authorities. As previously stated, we have a data security team that handle these requests, they have many years of experience and are skilled at identifying fraudulent requests.

If we suspect customer fraud, we have the right to report the individuals to the relevant UK authorities.

8. Under 18s

All users must be over 18 years of age to access our site and use services. An adult must supervise users that are under 18.

9. Contact us

You can get in touch with us via telephone, letter or by using our contact form.

Contact number: US Toll Free: +1 888 658 2771 or UK Toll Free: +44 808 196 5804

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